A Secret to Building Brand Equity in eCommerce: Order Presentation

Posted by JR Siegel on Mon, Apr 08. 2013 @ 16:04 PM

The way your product is packaged, wrapped and presented is the first thing customers will see when your orders arrive on their doorsteps.  When customers tear off the packaging tape and open their orders, they're generating subconscious feelings about your brand.  If your products are packaged haphazardly, consumers will feel deflated.  No one wants to get a $300 dress in a $0.10 cent package.  But if orders arrive looking pristine, customers will be wowed. 

eCommerce order presentation at Quiet Logistics

Beautiful order presentation builds brand equity.  Don't believe me?  Check out one Zara Customer's reaction on Instagram after receiving an overnighted order that looked amazing.  A customer delighted by how an order looks could gush to their friends about your brand, Tweet about their experience or "like" your brand. Brand evangelists augment and expand your marketing reach, setting off a virtuous cycle.  

Step one in setting off such a virtuous cycle is presenting orders beautifully.  Here are some tips for building brand equity through order presentation: 

  • Make a list of the key points of differentiation for your brand.
  • Work with your marketing team to ensure that every aspect of the eCommerce packaging (pack slip, tissue paper, branded stickers, inserts, etc.) reflect these points of differentiation and your brand aesthetic.   
  • Think about the exact sequence you want your customers to experience as they open an eCommerce order

Step two is finding a fulfillment center that can execute your vision, so it’s critical to understand how potential partners think about order presentation and brand equity.  If you can find the time—and we strongly suggest you do—tour 3PLs’ fulfillment centers.  When you go on a tour, focus on the details:  Is the facility clean?  Do the associates handle the products with care?  Is each garment folded carefully before it goes into a box?   In short, do they understand the importance of delivering the perfect customer experience for all of your customers?  

Keep asking questions until you can picture how your products will be handled in the facility.  If the image isn’t a great one, move on to the next company on your list.


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