How To Delight Ecommerce Fashion Consumers with Tissue Paper

Posted by JR Siegel on Mon, Jul 22. 2013 @ 08:07 AM

Ecommerce Fashion Tissue PaperWhat is it about tissue paper?  Wrap an eCommerce order in it, and suddenly the blouse seems nicer, more elegant, more refined.  The tissue paper frames the clothes, signaling them as something special enough to be unwrapped. 

There are so many kinds of tissue paper – black and white, gray and pink, square-cut and rectangular.  And just as many uses – you can wrap each garment individually, line the bottom  of your box with it, or fold a piece around an entire order and seal it with a sticker.  Given its dexterity and touch of class, tissue paper should play a role in your eCommerce fashion order presentation.  Here are some tips for how to use it well:

  • Don’t use too much.  We’ve all gotten an order where there was so much tissue paper that dominates the box, making it hard to find your clothes.  One or two sheets of per order – not item – is best.
  • Experiment with colors.  Colored tissue paper is fun.  White is nice, but a light blue to kick-off  your Spring/Summer collection adds some flair.  And switching up the color keeps it fresh for your repeat customers.  
  • Build from it.  If your tissue paper is light blue, then maybe you want to pair it with bright yellow branded stickers.  If you prefer black for your tissue paper, then a nice white sticker could work. 
  • Get the folding down. Have clear and simple folding guidelines for your fulfillment partner.  Marketing always has great ideas, but origami animals can drive up fulfillment costs.  These costs need to be balanced against the perceived value to the brand.  The real value of the tissue paper is how it frames your product – the rest are details. 
  • Keep it simple.  One color of tissue paper per season is sufficient.  Trying to match each order with a complementary color of tissue paper will cause headaches for your purchasing department and fulfillment partner without driving much customer value. 

Tissue paper is the base of your eCommerce order presentation palette.  It should enhance your product and the customer experience – not detract from them.  At its best, tissue paper frames your products as special and deserving of affection. 


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