From "Click to Ship" - Robots & Humans Drive Ecommerce Fulfillment

Posted by JR Siegel on Fri, Aug 02. 2013 @ 09:08 AM

Following an up close and personal look at Quiet's robots in Episode 1, Wired interviewed Brian Lemerise, Senior Director of Third Party Logistics, for its second installment of The Window on Quiet.  Brian shared his insights into the value and benefits of working with robots. 

Robotic technologies make our lives and our jobs easier.  Within our fulfillment center we have 100 robots and 300 warheouse associates working alongside those robots. Kiva Systems developed the technology behind the bots and this is the same technology that large global eCommerce companies like Staples, Walgreens and Amazon are deploying in their warehouses as well.   

You can watch the complete interview here:

Topics: Ecommerce trends, Third party Fulfillment