You Too Can Create A Tiffany Blue

Posted by JR Siegel on Wed, Jul 31. 2013 @ 09:07 AM

Hold two small boxes up in front of a group of people.  One is light blue with a white bow and the other is white with a red bow.  The group does not know what is inside either box.  Ask men which one they want, and they will probably split down the middle.  But if you ask the women which one they want, no less than 99.9% will opt for the one that is light blue -- or, to be exact, Tiffany Blue, a color associated with the quality and beauty of what's inside the box.  Marketing just doesn't get more powerful than that. 

Tiffany Blue Boxwhite box red bow









Not every brand can define a color, but that doesn't mean luxury labels shouldn't think about packaging any less than Tiffany does.  This is especially true for the eCommerce channel, where the way your product arrives on the doorstep shapes the customer experience.  

Here are five things to think about when selecting an eCommerce shipping box:

  • Milly Order PresentationExternal Branding.  Brands like Milly place every eCommerce order in a beautiful, branded box with a bow on it. When customers open a box like that, they feel like they're opening a present.  Each brand has different requirements -- the key is finding a solution that fits your overall brand aesthetic and is recognizable to your customers.    
  • Outer Box.  Premium products with distinctive packaging are an appealing target for would-be thieves.  If you've had products stolen off of a doorstep in the past, or are concerned about this happening to your customers' orders, consider shipping your branded box inside a plain brown shipping box.  An outer box will also prevent the elements from damaging your branded box and the products inside. 
  • Internal Branding.  You can brand the inside of the box instead of, or in addition to, the outside.  Many fashion labels brand the inside of the top of the box. 
  • Synchronization with the In-store Experience.  If you have retail stores, your in-person brand experience should extend to eCommerce customers.  This might include using the same color eCommerce shipping box as the bags in your retail stores, or the same tissue paper and branded stickers in both.  Regardless of your strategy, it's critical to extend and synchronize your branding across channels.  
  • Size. It doesn't make sense to ship two sport coats and a pair of slacks in the same box you'd ship a dress in.  At the same time, carrying ten boxes of varying sizes is expensive.  Work with your packaging provider to determine how many box sizes you'll need to fulfill customer orders efficiently and avoid dim weight charges.     

Getting the box right is critical, but don't forget to complete the customer experience with tissue paper.

Branded boxes and tissue paper build brand equity.  A small investment in smart packaging drives customer loyalty, thereby increasing the lifetime value of a customer and the number of word of mouth referrals for your brand.  

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