How to Build Brand Loyalty with Inserts

Posted by Asa Welty on Mon, Sep 16. 2013 @ 16:09 PM

coupon, insert, brand equity, order fulfillment Have you ever gotten a sample or coupon tucked inside an eCommerce order? Doesn't it feel great? Those of us in the fulfillment world call all of these extras "inserts" -- and using them wisely - along with tissue paper - can go a long way towards improving brand loyalty and your customers' eCommerce experience.

Here are some inserts you might want to consider:

Coupons. Even luxury shoppers love getting a deal. Encourage repeat purchases by offering eCommerce customers an offer code worth 20% off their next online purchase, or $10 off a certain item, etc.

Branded Stickers. If your customers are the type of people who put stickers on their laptops, tablets and water bottles, then sending them a few stickers is a great way to increase brand awareness.  

Marketing Collateral. Educate eCommerce customers about your latest products, best sellers, or the top trends for the seasons with a piece of marketing collateral.  

Samples. For Health & Beauty brands, included a sample with each eCommerce order is a great way to expand your relationship with your customers.  Some companies allow eCommerce customers to select one of several samples to include with their order.  

While inserts are great, remember that there's no free lunch: each one needs to be placed into the customer's box, and that costs money.  So before jumping in head first and adding all of the inserts listed above to your eCommerce orders, step back and think about which ones will resonate most with your customers.  And test your assumptions!  If adding a sample of a new beauty product doesn't drive future sales, then maybe it'd be better to insert a coupon, or a marketing sheet highlighting your most popular items. Inserts are a tremendous way to inform and engage your customers. And engaged customers are loyal customers.

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