The New Renaissance in Menswear (Featuring Our Clients Bonobos and Alton Lane)

Posted by Jon Dix on Mon, Mar 24. 2014 @ 14:03 PM

Quiet's recommended Monday reading: a great piece by Fortune Magazine's Claire Zillman on the new renaissance in men's fashion, driven in part by e-commerce and a more socially-minded consumer.

Zillman writes that the shift toward a more sartorially inclined male consumer began with the dot-com boom, when office attire went more casual, loosening up wardrobe possibilities. Subsequently, the growth of social media has led to an increasing self-awareness, which in turn has translated into greater spending on clothes. Zillman quotes analyst Marshall Cohen, of the NPD group, who believes that while previous generations spent more discretionary income on gadgets, millennials "construct their identity through what they wear, not by what they use." And in a youth-driven culture, the rest of the population is eager to follow suit.

Zillman cites e-commerce as a galvanizing force, bringing more choices - and often hipper, more relevant choices - to the consumer's fingertips. For men, who are traditionally brand-loyal, the ability to shop from a trusted source from anywhere, at any time, means that they are able to expand their wardrobes without fuss. Zillman points to Quiet clients and e-com leaders Bonobos and Alton Lane as two exemplary brands "mixing fashion products with content to ease men's shopping experience and advise them on their expanding wardrobe."

In this climate, it's clear that any brand without a strong e-commerce strategy and logistics partner is out of date and missing out. Innovators in the space are succeeding by constantly understanding and addressing the consumer's behavior and needs. To discuss your strategy with Quiet Logistics, please send us a note.

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