Shipping Demographics of the Fashion E-Commerce Consumer

Posted by Jon Dix on Thu, May 01. 2014 @ 10:05 AM

In today’s robust e-commerce environment, a customer living almost anywhere can click, shop and receive items from his or her favorite brands and retailers in a matter of days, no matter where those companies are located. These days, the store is everywhere, as they say.

But when it comes to fashion e-commerce, fulfillment shipping patterns clearly reveal regions where the population consumes fashion items at a much higher clip than other parts of the country. The fashion e-commerce market, made up of style-conscious shoppers purchasing online, looks quite different than the overall U.S. population – a critical consideration when it comes to selecting a logistics partner.

The following infographic gives a unique overview of the location of fashion customers across the U.S. The Northeast (Chicago to DC to Boston) accounts for roughly 43% of the national population, but punches above its weight when it comes to e-commerce orders, making up 56% of fashion e-commerce shipments. Over to the other coast: 17% of fashion orders ship to California, which comprises 12% of the national population. All told, just 55% of the U.S. receives 73% of domestic U.S. fashion shipments.

regional efashion map



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