A Lot Can Happen in 48 Minutes...

Posted by Jon Dix on Mon, Jun 16. 2014 @ 10:06 AM

bonobos boxesThe "q" in "quiet" could also very well stand for "quick," another of our favorite words and core values. As folks who pride ourselves on speed and efficiency, nothing tickles us like receiving emails such as this one, which recently popped up in the inbox of our CEO, Bruce Welty:

Customer X: "Do you still work with Bonobos?"

Bruce: "Yes!"

Customer X: "I ordered a pair of Bonobos pants at 8:23 this morning. You shipped them at 9:11. Extremely impressive."

Thank you, Customer X we think so too! Because a lot happened in those 48 minutes....

From the time Customer X clicked "Submit" at bonobos.com to the time his pair of pants shipped, our software scanned the system, located the product, sent a robot out to retrieve it and carry it up front to the packing station where one of our presentation specialists did a visual check on those crisp new pants, folded and wrapped them, printed and slipped in a packing list, and put on a few special finishing touches before sending Customer X's package on its way.

In a traditional warehouse, it might take 48 minutes if not much longer for a staff member just to locate those pants in the first place.

At Quiet, we know the ease and convenience of ecommerce doesn't end with the sales transaction it continues afterwards, on through the fulfillment process, and is complete only when the order lands in the hands of a satisfied customer.

Quiet is committed to being the fastest, most accurate, most fashion forward means of conveying our brands from Bonobos to Zara – to the customer's doorstep.


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