Congratulations to Andy and Bonobos!

Posted by Jon Dix on Wed, Sep 02. 2015 @ 10:09 AM

Andy Dunn

We are so pleased to see our friend Andy Dunn featured in Esquire's roundup of the 21 Best Men's Wear Designers in the World. As proud partners of Bonobos, we have to agree it's some of the most impeccable men's apparel around.

A valuable nugget of e-commerce wisdom from Andy:

"The hardest thing about building what I call a digitally native brand is assembling the right team. You gotta be great at the customer service, and you gotta be great at the technology. At the same time, the soul of any company is the product that it sells, which is clothing. So you've got a company where you've gotta have customer service ninjas who are as important as merchants, who are as important as software engineers, who are as important as user experience designers, who are as important as marketing visual designers, who are as important as clothing designers."

To see the full story, click here:

For more on Quiet's partnership with Bonobos, check out our Innovator Insights interview with the brand's VP of Operations and Product Management, Melissa Baird:



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