Real-Time Warehouse Data? At Quiet, There’s an App for That

Posted by Jon Dix on Mon, Aug 17. 2015 @ 12:08 PM

A QuietView screen graphically showing current workload and order backlog

About a year and a half ago, we introduced a cool new tool that has become a secret weapon for us as well as our partners: QuietView. This proprietary software system provides real-time warehouse and inventory data in a portable web-based interface, making it effortless for clients to stay informed and make strategic decisions. User friendly and visually impactful, this slick app is designed to be integrated seamlessly into a user’s daily routine. By eliminating the need to run time-consuming reports, QuietView has demonstrated its ability to improve productivity and efficiency on behalf of our partners.

Easy Access to Essential Information

QuietView’s dashboard provides a high-level snapshot that’s continuously refreshed every 30 seconds, while also providing historical comparisons at a glance. The streamlined nature of this software – only what’s necessary, no fluff – means that regular users can zero in on useful data about inventory and answer major questions about facility performance in just a few short minutes. This makes it a terrific everyday tool, specialized yet versatile.

A QuietView screen breaking down order output into bar and line graphs

But users can also drill down, perhaps on a weekly or monthly basis, to more detailed information that may not change as frequently and therefore doesn’t need to be checked as often. That makes it a valuable asset for diverse members of a team: while a warehouse manager might consult the QuietView dashboard throughout the day with regard to inventory and productivity data, his CFO might use it occasionally as a convenient way to review operations and make projections from a financial perspective.

Microseconds Matter, Wherever You Are

Perhaps best of all in our mobile age, QuietView is incredibly portable, available at all times from a smart phone, tablet, PC, or even on the dashboard of your car. Our own CEO Bruce Welty checks it first thing each morning in his Tesla, runs it on his desktop all day via the Loop Feature, then checks it again each night before going to bed.

We even had a client call us from the airport once about a pending warehouse order – he’d seen the data on his smart phone just before boarding. As a result of being able to access warehouse data quickly and easily from his mobile device, he was able to take action on the order by the time his flight took off. In the constantly evolving e-commerce landscape, the ability to make real-time decisions, without having to be physically at your desk or take 30 minutes to run a series of reports, can make or break a brand’s health.

A Superior Solution

Unfortunately for many companies, user-created or configured apps just don’t work well in supply chain. By contrast, our QuietView system is informed by the needs of many diverse customers, has been through thorough testing, and its adaptability and applications have been proven by the experiences of our partner brands. In catering to the needs of many diverse clients while presenting a streamlined, intuitive graphical interface, our system is a superior software solution to companies looking to maximize efficiency and optimize order fulfillment in response to customer demand.



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